Four Hops This Time

4 Hops l l Ofiar Oświęcimskich 46/1A, 50-059 Wrocław, Poland  +48 515 572 884 l Visited December 2017

There aren’t many places I haven’t been able to seek out good craft beer. Dive Bars in Thailand? Check. Micro Brewery in the middle of nowhere in Loch Lomond? Check. Obscure hole-in-the-wall in a Singaporean Hawker Market? Check. Basically, I’m abusing my waistline in every town, city or village I go to. Nothing new there.

So maybe I was being a little presumptuous or foolhardy when I didn’t foresee Wroclaw as being so interested in craft beer. Because oh boy are they. Far from the stereotypical Eastern-European, mass-produced Pils and Helles, they go craft everywhere.

There’s everything from local lagers, to DIPAs and tutti-frutti inspired stouts. I’ve seen more choice in bars here than in some of central London. If there’s one place our wandering-side took us that really seems to champion the humble hop it’s, well, 4 Hops. Sometimes a name is a tip-off, I know.

Extensive list of Polish Craft Beer at 4 Hops in Wroclaw

Decisions, Decisions – Extensive Choice of Polish Craft Beer

With pen-graffitied walls and wood tables offering something of a classroom vibe, set yourself for an education. The choice of beers is extensive with 16 on tap and more in bottles. All of the focus is on Polish microbreweries, with none of the bigger, foreign names featuring. Don’t panic though as the bar staff are more than happy to give a helping hand, and have arguably better English than we did.

Navigating through a silky smooth milk stout from 4Sciany and  Liberty Stout from Widawa as a reprieve from lager. A smoked APA tastes worryingly of Frazzles but a nod of contentment says its owner is happy. There are even the usual English puns with ‘Mon Cheri’ (Cherry IPA) and ‘Hurk Hogan’.

Craft Beer Wroclaw

Hoppy Wanderer –
Spicy Sausage Pizza, Polish Craft Beer, Chips at 4 Hops

The food should also be noted as well. Too often an afterthought at craft beer bars, there are crowd pleasers everywhere. Fresh cut chips with homemade dips (BBQ sauce with stout and tomato chilli) soak up the stronger beers. So too does a light and thin pizza with chilli beef, pomegranate and jalapeño.

Things are a little quiet early doors, but drinking at 3pm on a Thursday has a tendency to do that. When a pint of craft beer this good comes in at 12 Zlotty (£2 give or take), you’d be hard pushed to complain. If you’re looking for a taste of quality Polish craftsmanship, 4 Hops is definitely one to add to your hopper.