A Long Lost Love?

Burrito Amor l http://www.burrito-amor.com/ l Av Tulum Pte Mz 3 Lote 5 Local 1, Tulum Centro, 77780 Tulum, QROO, Mexico +52 984 160 2989 l Visited June 2017

What is love? Maybe a lofty question for a food blogger lost in the jungle surrounds of Tulum, but one worth considering none the less. A morning spent diving into crystal clear cenotes in the midday sun after cycling down the open roads leads to existential crisis.

The Mexican’s use the word ‘amor’. But the actual definition of love (Oxford Dictionary, of course) is ’a strong feeling of affection’. I guess the real question is, how can you quantify the word ‘strong’ in that statement?

Is love an open and welcoming cabana-style restaurant on the roadside? With views of the cloudless Tulum skies, but shade to escape its intense stare. A breeze blowing through, and cooling off the morning’s exertion while you gaze at a simple but inviting menu.

Cool and the Gang – Watermelon and mint cooler and freshly made pineapple juice

Maybe love is choice. Being able to choose a fully loaded burrito with smoked pork, shrimp or ribeye beef. Or opting for a ‘contemporary Mexican salad’ such as black beans and baby pumpkin or al pastor-style pork. It’s almost certain that love cares about your allergies, allowing you to easily avoid lactose, eggs, gluten et al. Something difficult to pull off with Mexican cuisines’ affinity for queso or tortillas.

Love is, presumably inexpensive. After all, someone once sang ‘money can’t buy you love’. So the very fact that nothing costs more than £5 must be a positive sign. Even more positive is that you can get more love, I mean food, by making your choice large for an extra 70p. In fact, the total bill for lunch came to less than £10. We overtipped as a result of happiness.

In its best instances, love would be good for you. Although I’m sure that’s not everyone’s experience of the feeling. It would be good for you like freshly blitzed fruit juices, a quenching watermelon and mint cooler, or a pineapple slushy. After a morning baking in the heat, both are like a naturally sweet, ice bath for your dehydrated mind.

Fillet steak burrito

Love at First Bite – Fillet steak burrito with coconut flour tortilla

As I bite into my burrito I’m fairly confident that love would ensure that my coconut flour wrap was crisp on the outside but with a satisfying chew. It would make sure that the generous chunks of eye fillet would be soft inside but with a caramelised crust. Giving it much-needed bite against the fresh pico de gallo and rice. It would also definitely care that the hot sauce was, y’know, hot. The kind that builds as it lingers in your mouth. Love could even be giving me the last bite of your burrito.

But sitting back and looking around the open restaurant, dabbing hot sauce off of my lips and staring into the distance, I can’t help but reflect, I’m sure I don’t want to move quite yet. It might just be the best burrito I’ve ever eaten. Yes better than my Mission District stop in San Fran, and a great lunch stop for a weary adventurer. It might not quite be love, but it might be the best afternoon delight I’ve ever had.