My names Dan and the truth is, I like to eat. And drink. And see the world.

Dan Czasznicki

The Pantry, Edinburgh – Proof that I actually eat all these meals.

I’d love to tell you that I had a more grand purpose, or the reason I started this blog was as a ‘project’ to spread a ‘message’, but in all honesty, I’m greedy. I like to explore new cities, cultures, and continents. I noticed a while ago that the first thing I ask when I explore is, ‘where do I have to eat?’, followed closely by ‘where can I get a good local beer/gin and tonic/glass of wine?’.

I like trying new things and seeing how different places food culture has grown; what’s traditional and how do locals eat. I don’t mind whether it’s eating cheap street food from a truck or expensive fare. Or if I’m drinking cocktails with a view or craft beers and local wines. I prefer not to think of price exactly and how much things cost but more the value of the experience and whether it was worth it. Maybe it’s my other life as a sales guy, but it’s all about experience and value. Some of the best meals I’ve ever eaten were the cheapest.

Things I Like: Craft Beer, Siracha (or really any hot sauce), Poached Eggs, Burger (cooked pink), Brussel Sprouts, Gin (and Tonic), Aubergine, Spices, Guacamole, Whiskey, Porridge, Nut Butters (Any kind will do)

Things I Don’t Like: The Seeded Part of Tomatoes, Marzipan, Ouzo, ok… It’s a short list

I’m not an expert writer or a skilled photographer. The purpose of this blog is not to make money or show off any particular skills, it’s to try and create a community of sharing great places for food and drink, around the world. Let’s help to make each other’s trips better, our catch up with friends more adventurous and those first dates easier to plan (and to impress!).

So if you like the reading the reviews and recommendations, remember: we’re in this together. Let’s share tips, give me suggestions, I’ll go, they’ll get shared and reviewed on here. We all benefit.